The open-source protocol built for Web 3.0 privacy

X-Cash is a community driven project providing the toolbox for the next stage of the web.

Key Technologies

Built upon the reliable and tested Monero, the X-Cash blockchain has evolved to bring new features in the private cryptocurrency space. To become the toolbox for managing privacy on the Web3.0, the blockchain network designed the three following technological pillars:

Public/Private Transactions

Privacy Flexibility
One single wallet on a single blockchain can be used to perform public and private transaction at the discretion of the users. This enables anonymity to be used when privacy is needed while allowing for transparent transaction when required.

Privacy Swap
Always putting the user experience first, X-Cash is the first blockchain to offer this feature with such a high level of ease from the user perspective.

Secured & Unfalsifiable
Private and public transactions are cryptographically signed in large fixed ring sized transactions.

Delegated Proof-of-Private-Stake

The X-Cash Public Network is secured by delegates, elected in their position by XCASH holders. By providing your vote through a stake in XCASH, you are electing a representative to secure the network and forge new blocks, which will in return split the block reward with you.

The unique implementation of DBFT into the consensus process enables the X-Cash blockchain to become immune to forks, henceforth instantly validating new transactions.

Randomized Block Producer Selection
The selection of the next delegate in charge of forging a block is completely randomized through the use of Verifiable Random Functions (VRF), increasing the security of the delegates by preventing attacks to the next block producer.

Stake Delegation with Reserve Proofs
Instead of sending your stake to another wallet to vote toward a delegate, you are providing a cryptographic reserve proof of your funds to your delegate, meaning that you keep complete control of your stake at all times.


X-Cash's true innovation relies in its capacity to onboard users blockchain. Because these blockchain are directly hosted by the delegates, they are secured, customizable and economical.

No hardware needed
A sidechain is a full blockchain which is hosted by the delegates. This means that contrary to traditional blockchains, you do not need to rent your own infrastructure.

Easy to code and customizable
The deployment of a sidechain is fully automated and does not require extensive coding skills. Thanks to X-Blockchain modules, you can even choose an already customized blockchain that matches your needs.

Cost effective and scalable
Because a sidechain is your blockchain, you can set how many delegates will host it and how many sidechains you will need. Therefore, sidechains can perfectly match and grow with your needs which makes them cost effective.


WXCASH is a 1:1 version of wrapped XCASH on the Polygon (ex-MATIC) Network.

The X-Cash Foundation

The open-source X-Cash Project is developed by the X-Cash Foundation, a non-profit organization created for the sole purpose of managing X-Cash.


XCASH, the native currency used for governance, creating sidechains and smart-contracts, is powering the different products and services of the X-Cash blockchain.



Market Cap


Circulating Supply




X-Cash is currently listed on the following exchanges platform, where XCASH is traded against LTC, BTC, ETH, USDT and more.

XCASH Mainnet

WXCASH (Polygon)

Each platform have their own conditions and policies. Please read their individual terms of use and XCASH withdrawing conditions before attempting to buy there.

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