The X-Cash Protocol

The X-Cash Blockchain Protocol is developed to power the next stage of the Web 3.0.

Since 2018, we are developing privacy-centric open-source technology.

In a context of an increasing need for privacy and personal data protection, the X-Cash protocol is positioning itself as a bridge between the users and the blockchain layer.

At the same time we believe anonymity cannot come without transparency options, for regulatory reasons, and because blockchain transparency is the best medium for trust.

Despite having not performed an ICO, the X-Cash development has been carried throughout the years thanks to a growing community of contributors.

Governance & Consensus

The X-Cash Public Network is governed by 50 delegates through a custom Delegated Proof of Stake consensus designed on top of the Monero technology, the Delegated Proof of Private Stake (DPOPS).

  • Secured by the top 50 elected delegates
    Anyone can run an X-Cash node and become a delegate. But to be able to forge new blocks, secure the network, and earn the block reward, you will need to be voted into the top 50 by other members of the community.‌ Becoming a delegate is ambitious; reaching and keeping a forging spot is rewarding but can be taken out at any time.
  • Staking & Voting
    The delegates are elected by the community. Each people can attribute a stake of a minimum of 2M XCASH to a delegate to represent a weighted vote. Delegates then distribute a fraction of the block reward to their voters to remunerate them.
    Additionally, the voters' stake never leave their wallet thanks to the use of cryptographic reserve proofs; you stay in control of your XCASH at all time.
  • Improved security
    Using a DBFT communication system to guarantee a 67% consensus, and a verifiable randomized selection of a block producer to avoid delegates targeted attacks, everything has been implemented to improve the security of the network.


Our mission is to build a technological framework made for the web3 privacy.

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The X-Cash Project is an open-source blockchain protocol, guided by a consistent technological vision of building core components first. This roadmap has been designed to tackle the necessary parts of the Web 3.0 framework. As an open-source driven project, we are reviewing on a regular basis new technical solutions in accordance with the community needs.

Coming Up

Sidechain Payments

On the same basis of the Lightning Network on Bitcoin, sidechain payments enable quicker payment processing on the X-Cash blockchain.

Smart Contracts

Full programs running completely decentralized on the web, nodes will be able to run smart contracts on the X-Cash blockchain.


Sidechains are blockchains running in parallel of the main X-Cash blockchain, enabling different characteristics for different needs.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Hosted on special sidechains on the X-Cash network, NFT will enable the creation of collectables on their own blockchain.



The wrapped XCASH is an ERC20 bridge for X-Cash, enabling the integration of X-Cash into the Ethereum ecosystem. Through a secured platform within the X-Bank, we are developing a solution to swap XCASH for wXCASH on the Ethereum blockchain, and replicate the staking components of the mainnet while also incentivising liquidity.

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Flexprivacy is a unique feature enabling both public and private transactions on the same network, on a per-transaction basis. Every transaction made public are viewable on the X-Cash explorer in a similar fashion as on the Bitcoin chain.

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Delegated Proof-Of-Private-Stake

Delegated-Proof-Of-Private-Stake (DPOPS) is a new blockchain consensus developed on top of the cryptonote protocol to tackle the caveats of POW consensus.

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Coin Allocation

Because of the main focus of the project is transparency, XCASH coins' allocation can be verified at all time using reserve-proofs. Even as a private cryptocurrency, this enables people to track publicly the spending of the project.


XCASH are minted at every block creation by elected delegates. The reward from block creation is redistributed to voters as a ratio of their vote.


Has been distributed through a two-year long airdrop program, starting in 2018.
Now completed, these coins are part of the circulating supply.


The company supplied is locked by X-Network, the company behind the initial funding of the X-Cash project.
These funds will be used by the company to further the development of X-Cash. All decisions about the unlocking of these funds will be made public.


The private investors fund was designed to enable large quantity investments of X-Cash in the initial steps of the project. It has now been mostly depleted.


The team reward is a locked amount for each member of the X-Network company.
These rewards are locked until several market capitalization milestones are reached. Every time the market capitalization of XCASH is multiply by 10, starting at 10M USD market cap, 20% of the reward is unlocked.
As of today, the reward is still locked.


The contributor fund is used for funding projects, bounties, and specific development tasks of the X-Cash project.
This fund is managed by the X-Cash Foundation

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